New Beginnings.

11I’m sitting here in my new home. In Oregon.


Wow. We have been here a month this week and it feels like a lifetime and no time at all. Leaving Louisiana was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I’m emotionally still not equipped to analyze the feelings I’ve gone through these last 7 months, but I’m trying. Things have been crazy as you can imagine. Moving 2500 miles away from everything and everyone you’ve ever known is surreal. I take it one day at a time and here it is- a month later!

We had a helluva journey to get here. It was amazing in every way. Our dogs even seemed to enjoy themselves! We stopped in New Mexico, Arizona, and twice in California. We even checked off a visit to the Grand Canyon! BUCKET LIST!

grand canyon

After a week of on-the-road eating, I was feeling pretty sluggish and yucky. You know how that goes… You pack up healthy snacks, but you still find a reason to over indulge along the way. I have lost the 5 or so lbs of bloat/crap eating weight gain from that first 2 weeks here and immediately got back into the kitchen once everything was unpacked. (and after a stop at the Oregon Chocolate Festival, of course)


I have picked up right where I left off with meal planning, drinking my water, and eating clean 80%. There have been a few days where I have definitely over eaten, but I’m getting there. I am pretty much unemployed at this point so I have a lot of time to play housewife and cook. I do love my new kitchen!! I have already made it my happy place. I used my spiralizer last week, and have been enjoying my vitamix once again. I have been cooking up a storm. Last week I made a spiralized vegan salad, roasted local beets, baked oatmeal, chia pudding, butternut squash chicken sausage breakfast casserole, oven fajitas, chicken cauliflower bake, homemade pesto over zoodles with asparagus and chicken, spaghetti squash with roasted broccoli, pear oatmeal muffins, fermented dill carrots and radishes, leek and potato cauliflower soup, turkey taco stuffed peppers, and crockpot peanut chicken! I’m kinda digging this housewife thing.

I ventured out almost immediately upon arrival and explored all the great grocery stores. So many choices for organic and fresh ingredients!They have a local Co-Op and almost every place has kombucha on tap! AM I DREAMING? I also found the farmer’s market. They have so much! I felt like I found “my people.”  I even tried raw goat’s milk- and I LOVED IT.

farmers market

I even went on my very first hike upon living here for only about a week! I met an awesome friend who took me out for a couple of hours and it was my first exercise in a while. I love living in a place where exercise coincides with natural and beautiful landscapes. We went to Table Rock 20 minutes from my house.

table rock

It was about 2.5 miles all uphill and, man, I felt so out of shape. I can see I’m losing definition in my arms from not weight lifting. I can feel the extra 10 lbs from the last 6 months just sitting in my gut. I don’t feel as good as I used to. I’m not even that mad about the extra lbs; it’s really all about how I feel. None of my clothes fit correctly because I’ve been eating wheat (a tiny bit) and dairy again. I’m staying strong the last few weeks on limiting sugars (damn you, Cadbury Egg last night), but I want to get back to where my energy levels were last summer. I know I’ll get there.

I’m not pressuring myself because I’ve basically been through a shit ton this last half year. Living apart from my spouse. Living with my parents again at 35. Not having gym time. There have been lots of reasons. I’m not calling them excuses because that isn’t fair to me. Now that I have some spare time and my life is stabilizing, I’m going to recommit to bettering myself in every way.
I’m actually about to head out to the gym! My friend here has encouraged me to join and we are going to start today! I’m excited, even if it means starting slow. They have a lot of classes I’m interested in and a great facility. I know that once I start an exercise regimen, my stress will reduce and I will start to have that energy I crave.

It has been one hell of a journey, but I’m on the other side and feeling good about it. I had so much anxiety leading up to this move. As I sit here in my new home, I realize that all my crazy planning was worth it. We have a beautiful home, a great state to explore, and all the tools for success. I always say that risks can equal great rewards. I really think this risk is going to be worth it.

I hope to blog more often and share my journey with you all. I want to bring you healthy recipes, tips, and motivation as I regroup and find my way out here in the wild, wild West.



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